You’ve changed. Someone recently commented.

Thankfully, this was a compliment and not a criticism, and they are in-fact quite right….although the term evolved would be more apt!

When we started in May 2017, our first year was a steady stream of clients seeking traditional VA/PA support. We looked after busy schedules, put together pitch documents and presentations, pulled together board packs, took hours (and hours!) of meeting minutes, chased invoices and managed suppliers, organised corporate events, private homes and everything (and anything!) else in between.

As an agency offering VA/PA support, we were delighted to have such a hefty workload especially being such a new business, then something changed. Not long after we celebrated our first year of trading we began receiving enquiries (which turned into new clients, hooray us!) from businesses and entrepreneurs seeking a different type of support with a specific focus on creative work.

Before we knew it we were writing social media strategies and taking over social accounts for day-to-day management, managing websites, executing an abundance of blog, content and creative writing, we even stepped into business development and operational management helping a client launch a new business venture.

So much change in such a short space of time barely allowed us to pause and take stock of the realisation our VA Agency was in-fact evolving into something new, something we had always set out to be. We just hadn’t anticipated it happening so fast.

The name Manage Me This was chosen with the deliberate omission of the words Virtual Assistant in the title, with the ambition that our services would grow to encompass more than just traditional Virtual Assistant duties.

The way we consume everything from clothes to food, entertainment to information has changed, we pick and mix the hell out of everything looking for the best fit on a day by day basis, so why shouldn’t this apply to the way businesses consume services?

Businesses and entrepreneurs want a service tailor-made to their individual needs, with the flexibility to add in different layers of support as and when their business requires it, and more importantly they want to go to one place where they can find that breadth of support.

Our ambition is to become a one-stop shop of support services, and after a frantic first 17 months, we are well on the way to becoming such a place!

Our services have already expanded considerably and are about to include Web Design & Development, our VA team will increase further to meet demand, and we are now on the hunt for a Marketing specialist to join us in 2019.

So yes, we have changed….and all for the better we would say!


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